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Center of MicroNanoTechnology CMi

Thin films

LPCVD / Dry or wet oxidation / Alloying / Doping / Diffusion / Densification / Annealing / ALD

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   Centrotherm furnaces, 11 tubes in 3 stacks
   Plade RCA, wet bench, pre-oxidation cleaning
   Plade Reclaim, wet bench, deglazing, nitride and oxide and polysilicon stripping
   Atomic Layer Deposition BENEQ TFS200
   Rapid Thermal Processing JETFIRST 200
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   Alcatel EVA 600, evaporator, e-gun & thermal sources
   Alliance-Concept EVA 760, evaporator, e-gun
   Leybold Optics LAB 600H, evaporator, e-gun , IAD
   Vacotec, evaporator, thermal sources
   Vacotec VACO 250, evaporator, thermal sources
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   Balzers BAS 450, sputter, single chamber, multi-target system
   Pfeiffer SPIDER 600, sputter, cluster system
   Alliance-Concept DP 650, Sputter single chamber multi-target
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   Solmates SMP 800 - Pulsed Laser Deposition
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Electroplating / Parylene coating

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   Desaules, wet bench for electroplating, Cu and Ni
   Comelec C-30-S, parylene deposition system
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