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Operation Manual for the ATMsse OPTIspin SB20 Manual Coater

Operation Manual for the ATMsse OPTIspin SB20 Manual Coater



  1. Introduction and safety
  2. Equipment description
  3. Operation
  4. FAQ Error message
  5. References


  1. Introduction and safety
  2. The ATMsse OPTIspin SB20 semi automated spin coater is a manual coater for small samples and wafers up to 200 mm. A dedicated hotplate on the right side is used for softbaking of samples. There are two chucks currently available for different substrate sizes - one for small samples and one for 100 mm wafers. Several user recipies can be stored; configuring and saving individual recipes is allowed.

    Note: the spinner cover is interlocked for safety reasons. Opening the cover while a recipe is running will stop spinning immediately.

    Access login and booking

    To access the equipment, log in and enable the 'Manual Coater line for Positive Photoresist' using the CAE terminal. Spinner operation is interlocked with access login. The motor only runs when the system is enabled. Reservation is necessary in advance; the system is available in 60 minute slots.

    Standard user check list

    • Check that the controller is ready showing the main menu.
    • Select the appropriate chuck and check surface for cleanliness.
    • Check hotplate surface and wafer backside for contamination; clean if necessary.

    Cross-contamination issues

    • The sample and resist used must be accepted by the technical comittee in advance. Samples must be free of backside contamination.
    • Underlying layers must be mechanically stable or fully embedded in photoresist.
    • Inspect chuck, hotplate surface and backside of wafer, clean accordingly to remove any solid or liquid residues before processing.

  3. Equipment description
    • Bench mounted spin coating system for wafers up to 200 mm
    • Spinner system with process bowl cover (hardware interlock secured)
    • Motor speed: from 1 up to 10.000 RPM in 1 RPM steps
    • Motor acceleration ramp: from 1 up to 50.000 RPM/sec in 1 RPM/sec steps, depending on substrate size and load
    • Spinning time: 1 up to 999 s; adjustable in 0,1 s steps
    • Substrate size: Up to 200 mm or 150 mm x 150 mm
    • Polypropylene process bowl

    Note: for safety and compatibility reasons, the motor speed is limited by the software to accommodate the 100 mm wafer chuck.

3. Operation

A process consists of the following steps:

    Select the appropriate chuck, check surface for cleanliness and mount it onto motor.


    Check hotplate surface for cleanliness and clean as necessary. Set the hotplate temperature as needed on the controller. The hotplate starts heating up to the set temperature. The hotplate controller does not need to be turned on or off; it is interlocked with enabling the system. Logging on will switch the heating power on; while logging off will automatically shut off the controller.


    Make sure that the controller unit is operational and in standby mode. Check that the system is showing the main menu as below. Click Recipe and select desired recipe from the library.

    Note: standard recipes or periodically restored on the controller globally. During restore, all individually saved recipes will be deleted, and modifications restored.


    Press OK to return to main menu, then select Automatic.

    Recipes may be edited manually or loaded from an external USB drive. The following parameters can be edited in the Recipe editor for each step: speed, ramp up/down speed, and step time. Please see staff for superuser password and explanation on recipe editing.


    Load substrate onto chuck. Pipettes are available on the side for dispensing photoresist. When dispensing has finished, close cover and press Start on the touchscreen or on the side of the cover. The motor will not start unless the cover is fully closed. The VAC button may be used to turn chuck vacuum on or off.


    When finished, place wafer onto the hotplate and use a timer to measure softbake time. When ready, move wafer to the coolplate on the right.

    After the process has finished, remove the chuck from the spinner. Check the chuck surface for cleanliness. When finished, close cover and log off of the system.


    The spinning process can be stopped at any time if a problem occurs:

4. FAQ: Frequent error message


Cover open: Check that the cover ground correctly on the base plate


No wafer on chuck: Check that wafer is inserted correctly between pins and backside correcdtly cleanned.


no actuator power: Check that panic buttom on the right side of the controller is correctly pushed out

correct problem and press "repeat"

5. References

Operation Manual by ATMsse