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Manual coater poistive resist only

Süss RC8 THP Spin Coater



Semi-automatic coater for positive tone photoresist composed of a spin coater, an arm to handle wafers and a hot-plate.
Spinning speed is limited to 3'000 and 5'000 rpm depending on which machine you use (written on the cover).


The temperature of the hot-plate is 115°C ! Protective cover must be placed on top of it.
In case of resist stains on the hot-plate, switch-off the equipment and let it cool down to room temperature! Clean with EC-Solvent available on the Plade wet-bench only when temperature is low.


  1. Turn the big red button (main switch) which is under the coater, behind the right door.
  2. Press " POWER ON" button on the control panel (front of RC8).

Select your programs


Spinner has 8 programs available :

Program #1 : Program with just one step; parameters are speed, acceleration, time.
Programs #2 to #8 : Free programming. See table I  to check programs structure.
Program #9 :Never use or change this program. It is dedicated to auto-clean function.

Select program number and press on "ENTER". Display must be like : _ _ n. with n= number of the selected program.


Hot Plate:

Hot-plate has 20 user programs :

Programs #1 to #20 : Free programming. Refere to table II.


When turning on the device, default configuration is : SEMI° 2 (60sec à 115°C).

  1. If it is not the case,press "C" until you see on the display the actual program (Esc. SEMI/AUTO/MANUALxx).
  2. Change mode to SEMI ; Look for " System" menu with " A" (up) and "B" (down) buttons. Confirm with "D".
  3. Load a program from memory : Use "A" and "B" to find " RECALL MEMORY" and select with program N°xx. Valid with "D"; message " Initialize….." is displayed. Press "C" to go back to initial display.
  4. Load your wafer on the lift-pins . Lift-pins move down after starting the program (green push button).
  5. Wait complettion of program. Lift-pins will move up and you can unload your wafer.

At the end of a processing cycle "loc" is display ready for a next cycle (local)

Restoring memory

Spinner : (see table I)

  1. Select a program : press number and "ENTER" to valid.
  2. Press "ENTER" a second time to enter in programming mode. Screen displays a code with 3 digits and a LED is blinking on the front panel.
  3. Commands and associated parameters are indicated by LEDs Blinking ones indicate if it is a command or a parameter which is currently set-up.
  4. When finish, press "0" to see "000" (means last segment) on the display and press "ENTER".

Never press " Reset Cycle" : it will erase the program

Hot-plate : (see table II)

  1. Select programming mode with "A" or "B" and "D" buttons.
  2. Program structure cannot change. You can change the values of each parameters with "A" and "B" and confirm with "D"
  3. At the end of a program, confirmation message appears. Answer "YES" and press "D" to save the changes

Switching off  :

Turn the big red button (main switch) which is under the coater, behind the right door.