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nLoF spin


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nLOF 2020 coating

AZ nLOF 2020 on EVG 150

Standard programs (single layer coating) are listed below: Database file name: nLOF_2020_Std_2_0

Recipe name Spin speed [rpm] PR thickness [µm] Alternate Options
nLOF_2020_1um4  6000 1.4 NoEBR
nLOF_2020_1um6 4300 1.6 NoEBR
nLOF_2020_2um 2850 2.0 NoEBR
nLOF_2020_2um4 2000 2.4
nLOF_2020_3um 1350 3.0 NoEBR

Spin time is 40s, followed by 10s stress relaxation at 0 RPM. No backside rinse.
Softbake at 50µm proximity for 1m15s. Softbake temperature is 110°.

Alternate databases are available for specific situations :

AZ nLOF 2020 on manual coaters

Please use the following spincurve when selecting the rotation speed to achieve a specific thickness. Spin time should be 45 seconds minimum. A low RPM spreading step is recommended for nLOF 2020.

   AZ nLOF 2020 Spincurve

On a contact hotplate, the softbake temperature should be 105°C and softbake time 60 seconds.