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nLoF Develop


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AZ nLOF 2020 Development


The recommended developer for AZ nLOF 2020 is AZ 726 MIF (or MF CD 26), an organic solution based upon TMAH.

A spin-rinse-dryer (SRD) step with DI water is mandatory to avoid cross contamination and damage on equipments (chuck in etcher) in further processing steps.

AZ nLOF 2020 on EVG 150

! Important! AZ nLOF is an image reversal resist. A post-exposure bake (PEB) step is required in order to complete the photoreaction. This PEB step is part of the standard development recipes on the EVG 150 system. PEB is performed at 110°C for 75 seconds with a 50µm proximity gap.

Overdevelopment time is necessary to produce a negative resist profile (undercut) for optimal liftoff. Three different development recipes are available for nLOF 2020 on the EVG 150 for each specific thickness, allowing to control the undercut (UC):

Standard development programs: Database file name: nLOF_2020_std_2_0

Recipe name PR thikness [µm] Recipe _min contact time [s] Recipe _mid contact time [s] Recipe _max contact time [s]
Dev_nLOF_1um4 1.4 20 46 66
Dev_nLOF_1um6 1.6 25 51 71
Dev_nLOF_2um 2 30 56 76
Dev_nLOF_2um4 2.4 36 62 82
Dev_nLOF_3um 3 45 71 91

Initial 4 seconds of spray dispense with chuck rotation. Puddle method is applied with 1x intermediate spin-clean. No Softbake is applied in order to preserve PR profile.