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Process Negative Resine

SU-8 Processing

Process flow for working with SU-8 negative tone photosensitive epoxy (from Gersteltec and MicroChem) - Excel file summary.

Recipe concept

  Recommended process
Alternative process

Substrate Pretreat Oxygen plasma
(Tepla, Z02 or Z11)
Piranha cleaning
(Wet bench, Z02)
Coat Manual coating
(Sawatec LSM200, Z01 or Sawatec LSM250, Z13)
Soft Bake Hotplate soft baking
(Sawatec HP401Z, Z01; Sawatec LSM250, Z13
or Sawatec HP200, Z13)
Hotplate with exhaust
(Dataplate, Z01)
Edge Bead Removal (optional) Manual EBR
(Sawatec LSM200, Z01 or Sawatec LSM250, Z13)
Expose Broadband exposure
(MA6, Z06)
Channel CI1=20mW/cm2

I-line exposure
(MJB4, Z13 or MA6 Gen3, Z01)
Channel CP=20mW/cm2

Direct laser writing (MLA150 or VPG200, Z05)

Post Exposure Bake (PEB) Hotplate baking
(Accuplate, Z01 or Sawatec HP200, Z13)
Hotplate with exhaust
(Dataplate, Z01)
Develop Manual development in PGMEA
(Plade Solvent, Z01 or Solvent Bench, Z13)

Rinse & Dry Rinse with isopropanol, dry with nitrogen gun Isopropanol + spin rinse dry
(Semitool SRD, Z01)
Hard Bake (optional) Hotplate curing
(Accuplate, Z01)
Hotplate or oven curing
(Dataplate, Z01 or Heraeus oven, Z2)
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Material order

Bottles of SU-8 (Gersteltec) can be ordered by users through the CMi reservation form:
Please place order at least 24 hours in advance. Bottles are delivered in the metal cabinet between Zone 01 and 02.