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Process Negative Resine

Polyimide processing

Available process:

Read this document about PI processing by CMi: Checklist to work with PI


Recipe concept

This process is ONLY AVAILABLE in CMi BM-1 to avoid equipment cross-contamination problems.
Reserve the Sawatec machine with PI configuration. Check the "PI processing" label to be present on the tool before proceeding.
Recommended process
Alternative process

Unfreeze resist Take PI from the freezer and let the bottle reach room temperature (at least 1 hour). Do not open while warming up.
Substrate Pre-treatment O2 plasma - Z2/Tepla
Thermal dehydration - Z6/RC8 entrance

VM651 Primer deposition - Z6/Plade misc, BLE spinner
Dilute VM651 in IPA (1:200)
Piranha cleaning - Z2/Ultrafab
Coat Z1/Sawatec LSM200
Soft-bake Z1/Dataplate with exhaust Z1/Sawatec HP401Z
Curing Z2/Heraeus oven
N2 is optional but strongly recommended


Material order

Doses can be ordered using the CMi reservation form
Place order at least 24 hours in advance. Delivery location is within the dedicated PI freezer between Zone 1 and 2.