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AZ1500 on LOR Develop


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LOR 5A development


The recommended developer for the LOR 5A bilayer process depends on the positive tone resist used in combination: For AZ ECI 3007 and AZ 1512 HS, it is AZ 726 MIF (or MF CD 26), an organic solution based upon TMAH.

After development, a spin-rinse-dryer (SRD) step with DI-water is mandatory to avoid cross contamination and damage on equipments (chuck in etcher) in further processing steps.

LOR 5A on ACS 200 Gen 3

Development sequences for LOR 5A bilayers on the ACS200 Gen 3 are listed below. Development times are increased compared to positive tone resists to allow dissolution of the LOR 5A underlayer.

Sequence Number Recipe name PR thickness [µm] Total contact time [s]

Puddle method is used for the development with intermediates spin-clean steps. Hardbake of the resist is applied after the development, at 100°C for 2 minutes to improve the stability of the positive resist.