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AZ9200 spin


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AZ 9200 Coating


AZ 9200 on ACS200 Gen 3

On the ACS200 Gen 3 coater, standard coating sequences are identified by a four digit code "XXXX". The first two digits identify the options (surface treatment, edge bead removal, ...) while the last two digits identify the resist (AZ9207 (syringe configuration), AZ9221 or AZ9260) and thickness.

First digits Coating option --> Last digits Spin speed [rpm] Softbake time [mm:ss] PR thickness [µm]
HMDS / NoEBR (topEC) XX41 6000 (AZ9207) 01:30
Dehydrate / NoEBR (topEC) XX42 1200 (AZ9207) 01:30
HMDS / EBR XX45 4200 (AZ9221) 02:00
Dehydrate / EBR XX46 1900 (AZ9221) 03:00
  XX47 1100 (AZ9221) 04:00
XX49 6000 (AZ9260) 05:00
XX50 2800 (AZ9260) 05:00
XX51 1800 (AZ9260) 06:00
XX52 920 (AZ9260) 07:00
XX53 720 (AZ9260) 08:00

Spin time depends on the spin speed and viscosity of the resist. Softbake is performed at minimum proximity. Softbake temperature is 110°C for all options.

Alternate coating sequences (for different bake temperatures, spin speed, or options) can be edited based on user's requests. Please contact the photolithography staff for guidance.

AZ 9221 on RiteTrack 88

AZ9221 (Dilution of AZ9260/PGMEA) is installed on the Ritetrack pump n°2. Standard recipes are listed below:

Recipe name Spin speed [rpm] PR thickness [µm] Add Rehydratation Delay Default Option
C_AZ92xx_2um 4200 2.02 No BSR + EBR
C_AZ92xx_3um 1900 3.02 Yes, 300s BSR + EBR
C_AZ92xx_4um 1100 4.05 Yes, 420s BSR + EBR

Spin time is 45 seconds, followed by 60 seconds stress relaxation at 0 RPM. Softbake at 50µm proximity for 90 seconds minimum, and slowly increasing with the thickness of the film. The softbake temperature is 115°C.

Alternate recipes are available for each thickness, without the EBR option: C_NoEBR_AZ92xx_Xum

AZ 9260 on EVG 150

Standard recipes (single layer coating) are listed below: Database file name : AZ9260_5to14um_Std_x_y

Recipe name spin speed [rpm] Softbake time [min.] PR thickness [µm] Add Rehydratation Delay Alternate Options
 Coat_AZ9260_5um  6800 4  5.1 Yes  NoEBR
 Coat_AZ9260_8um  2800 4  8.1 Yes  NoEBR
 Coat_AZ9260_10um  1800 6 10.2 Yes  NoEBR
 Coat_AZ9260_14um  1000 6  14.3 Yes  NoEBR

Spin time is 100s, followed by 60 seconds stress relaxation at 0 RPM. Softbake is performed at 300µm proximity. Softbake temperature is 115°C for all options except for "Quartz" (125°C).

Alternate databases are available for specific situations :

AZ 9200 on manual coaters

Please use the following spincurves when selecting the rotation speed to achieve a specific thickness. Spin time should be 45 seconds minimum. For the high viscosity AZ9260, we recommend to increase the spin time to 90 seconds. A low RPM spreading step is recommended.

   AZ 9221 Spincurve
   AZ 9260 Spincurve

On a contact hotplate, the softbake temperature should be 105°C and softbake time 90 seconds plus an additionnal 20 seconds per µm of resist.