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PR Selection step1


Photoresist Selection Photoresist Table Equipment Compatibility Definitions

Photoresist Selection

Step 1: To do a smart choice of photoresist, first answer the following questions:

> Step 2: Select the appropriate photoresist in the list below. Note that photoresists not listed here, from any suppliers, can also be used in the CMi cleanroom.

> Step 3: Look for the photoresist in the Photoresist Table to find which coating equipment you should use, and access processing details & guidelines.

> Step 4: Update your process flow with the appropriate photoresist/equipment combination. Contact the photolithography staff in case of questions.

Photoresists available in CMi

Positive resists :

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   AZ 1512 HS / Positive tone / Recommended for general use, wet etching, surface protection
   AZ ECI 3000 / Positive tone / Recommended for high resolution processes, 1:1 pattern transfer from mask to wafer
   AZ 9200 / Positive tone / Recommended for dry etching (steep sidewalls), electroplating, molding
   AZ 40XT / Positive tone / Recommended for electroplating, molding
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Lift-off resists :

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   LOR 5A / Associated with positive tone resist / Recommended for double layer lift-Off
   AZ nLOF 2020 / Negative tone / Recommended for lift-off or dry etching, applications requiring higher stability
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Structural resists :

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   SU-8 / Negative tone / Recommended for molding or structuration
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Photoresist Selection Photoresist Table Equipment Compatibility Definitions