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Center of MicroNanoTechnology CMi


Automatic coaters and developers

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   ACS200 Gen3- Photolithography System for Coating and Development
   EVG150, coater and developer system for positive resist
   Rite Track 88 Series, coater and developer track for positive resist
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Manual coaters

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   Sawatec LSM200, coater for SU-8 and polyimide
   Sawatec LSM250, coater for SU-8
   SSE SB20, coater for positive photoresist
   Laurell WS-650-23, coater for non-photosensitive films
   Süss RC-8 THP, coater for positive photoresist
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Exposure tools: Laser writers

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   Heidelberg VPG200, Photoresist LASER Writer
   Heidelberg MLA150, Photoresist LASER Writer
   Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT, 3D LASER Writer
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Exposure tools: Mask-aligners

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   Süss MJB4, single side mask aligner
   Süss MA6/BA6, double side mask aligner and bond aligner
   Süss MA6Gen3, double side mask aligner
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   Plade Solvent Z1
   Plade divers Z6
   Hamatec HMR900 Mask Processor
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Hot plates / Ovens

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   YES III, HMDS primer oven
   SSE VB20, HMDS Hotplate primer
   Dataplate, programmable hot plate
   Sawatec HP401Z, hot plate for soft bake
   Sawatec HP200
   Accu-Plate, thermal accumulator and hot plate system for post exposure bake
   Heraeus T6060, multipurpose oven
   Despatch LCD1-16NV-3, multipurpose oven
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