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Automatic coaters and developers

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   Süss ACS200 Gen3, coater and developer cluster for positive photoresists
   EVG 150, coater and developer cluster for positive photoresists
   Rite Track 88, coater and developer track for positive photoresists
   Hamatech HMR900, mask (Cr-blanks) processing equipment
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Manual coaters

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   Sawatec LSM200, coater for SU-8 and polyimide
   Sawatec LSM250, coater for SU-8
   SSE SB20, coater for positive photoresists
   Laurell WS-650-23, coater for non-photosensitive films
   Süss RC-8 THP, coater for positive photoresists
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Exposure tools: laser writers

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   Heidelberg Instruments VPG200, photoresist laser writer
   Heidelberg Instruments MLA150, photoresist laser writer
   Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT, 3D LASER Writer
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Exposure tools: DUV (λ = 248nm) stepper

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   ASML PAS 5500/350c, DUV stepper, Availability ~end of April 2019
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Exposure tools: mask-aligners

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   Süss MJB4, single side mask aligner
   Süss MA6/BA6, double side mask aligner and bond aligner
   Süss MA6Gen3, double side mask aligner
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Photolithography wet benches

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   Plade "Solvent" Z1, wet bench for lift-off and SU-8 development
   Coillard "Solvent" Z6, wet bench for photoresist stripping
   Plade divers Z6
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Hot plates / ovens

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   YES III, HMDS primer oven
   SSE VB20, HMDS Hotplate primer
   Dataplate, programmable hot plate
   Sawatec HP401Z, hot plate for soft bake
   Sawatec HP200
   Accu-Plate, thermal accumulator and hot plate system for post exposure bake
   Heraeus T6060, multipurpose oven
   Despatch LCD1-16NV-3, multipurpose oven
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