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EVG150 Process Throughput and Wafer Cycle Times

The EVG is heavily used and sometimes multiple days are needed to find a free booking slot. Furthermore, different configuration needs must sometimes be observed and prioritized. Some resists (eg. LOR) need extra preparation and cleaning.

Use the calendar to request configuration

Changing the photoresist from the automatic pumps (Cybor 1 or 2) to the motorized syringe normally needs stopping the machine operation for a few tens of minutes, depending on the degree of contamination and installation complexity. The quality of coating using the syringe strongly correlates to the time dedicated for this preparation.
The CMi reservation website is used to specify necessary configuration. Requesting configuration changes outside of the reservation calendar are often rejected, as it needs unexpected staff time and equipment time.
Any configuration can be used for development. Use the non-standard configuration slots only for coating.

Prepare wafers outside of the booking slots

Do not reserve the machine to prepare the wafers. If any preparation of wafers is required before coating (dehydration, HMDS or Ti Prime, ...) make sure to finish before the begining of the reservation.
If a longer time is needed to align and expose the wafers, do not reserve the EVG during this period. Use the machine only for coating and development, and release it during exposure.
Note for LOR users: the LOR sacrifical layer is not light sensitive. Prepared wafers with a single LOR coating can be stored for long periods (weeks to months). Add the sensitive AZ1512HS layer only short before exposure and development.

Determining the wafer cycle time

The following table can be used to determine the appropriate number of necessary booking slots:

Coat and softbake of first wafer
Coat and softbake for additional wafers
Development and bake per wafer
6 min
3 min
4 min
6 - 9 min
4 - 6 min
5 min
18 min
12 min
5 min

Times above are given for a batch with proper slot selection. Use wafer slot selection tab to avoid processing of empty slots.

Additionally, consider to add 5-12 minutes if the configuration used previously is different: dummy dispense, and heating or cooling of the hotplates due to different temperature setpoints take a few minutes.