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DV10 Introduction (En)


DV10 Mask and thick positive resist developer


Note: A new equipment "Hamatech Mask Processor" dedicated to Mask Fabrication is now available.

Hamatech provide after exposure a ready to use Cr mask in a single shot (developping, etching and stripping)

DV10 as resist developper or backup for Cr-mask

DV10 consist in a developement chamber with spinner and automatic arm dispense for water based chemistry.
Drain exhaust and chamber material are compatible with diluted base such as standard developer for positive tone photoresist. Manual loading is applied on specific chuck for

Chemical dispense using motorized arm as well as multiple spinning modes add flexibility for the design of various developemnt methodes and parameters.

Restriction and precaution


Equipment controls

DV10: Main pannel

Main power On/Off: Rotate the main switch to "1" + Press green starter knob
Software: Wait for windows boot up$. Recipe and graphical controls appear on the screen.

Medias control: On the front pannel + cabinet under the screen (right door)

Software : Graphical interface with:

During process equipment parameters are shown using graphical control display
End of recipe ask user to open safety doors and chamber for unloading

More documents :

Programs on DV10
Change chuck Cr-blank <-> wafer


Starting software (if needed)
No password; (Windows95 operating system ; automatic boot (standalone_dev11) and test at power ON).
Load one purge developer recipe before processing your plate or wafers. (Check recipe name on the window title bar)

Most common alarms

Editing recipes :

In case a new recipe is needed. CMIstaff will create it after discussion about your process. Witout staff aggreament any recipe change will be regularly overwriten by a backup

Standard recipe

Techical Characteristics