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Sawatec HP401Z Hotplate for Soft-Bake


Sawatec HP401Z
Negative Resist Thermal Treatment and Polymer



HP401Z is a programable hotplate with a thermoconductor protection plate and loading pins dedicated to softbaking of negative tone resist and polymer





Four Hotplates systems are installed for thermal treatments of negative resists:

HP401Z consist of a 16 individual zone heating plate with processing cover and purge exhaust control. Softbaking at proximity distance using loading pins and protection thermoconductive ceramic plate allows simultanuous bake of 5 4'' wafer simultanously without plate contamination. Enhanced cooling power using water cooling.

Accu-Plate is a combination of a programmable hotplate and thermal accumulator plate for cross-linking (PEB).

Dataplate is a programmable (setpoint + rampe) located on the RC8 negative coater

Simple fixed temperature hotplates (older Süss hotplate)



Accuplate Hotplates and Accumulator plates are not protected by a cover. Handle this part only with precaution and provided handler

Simple recipe use and edition

A simple graphical interface is used to access recipes for use and edition.
Recipe consists of segments with temperature and time parameters
Options for lift-pin, cover and purge are available

Access login and Booking:

Processing of thick negative resist can take a lot of time. Book and use of HP401Z toghether with SU8 coating on LSM400 (softbake)
Post exposure bake can be tolerated in CMI cleanroom only when no other user are using the equipment (Do not book!)
CMistaff will ask users to follow strictly the following limitations in case of intensive use:


Important: Software bug workaround

The maximum step duration currently is 3276 sec. Any step with a longer time will result in maximum heating or cooling of the hotplate instead of the programmed ramp. If a longer duration is necessary, split into two steps.

Example: the PEB cooldown, 90C -> 30C in 5400 seconds, should be replaced with:

The SU8 Process Flow XLS file summary has been updated accordingly.