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Cleaning and lift-off wet bench


"Plade Solvent" Wet Bench for solvents

Plade wetbench View


Safety first with chemicals

Safety procedure to follow at CMi while working with chemical wet benches

FOLLOW THIS LINK before going further - click here

In case of doubt, inform yourself!

Warning: Any tasks involving handling of chemicals by the wet bench is reserved for Staff only. Only refilling is authorized to users, in case tank levels are low.

Application of the Plade Solvent wet bench

Processing is carried out with standard 100 mm wafer cassettes; authorized chemistry is solvents only. Rinse with DI water as the final step, followed by spin-rinse-drying to remove contamination and residual particles of metal remaining from lift-off processing. Typical process are:

The following baths are available

Permanent setup:

Free to use tanks:

Front user interface controls

Standby state:

Plade Solvent wet bench: working area and commands


Commands for turning items on and off are available on the front interface. Parameters can be edited using the graphical interface as follows:

Ultrasonic Bath (US):

Fast Fill Rinse: (FF)

Final Rinse (TT)

Spin-Rinse Dryer (SRD, Semitool module)

Bath Control

DI water shower

Availble on the working area (flat end nozzle)

N2 filtered gas gun

Availble on the working area (sharp end nozzle)

Glove wash

Activated by foot at any time, no login required


Procedure for Lift-off

Note: Acetone is not recomended for clean and residual free resist processing. In addition, a large quantity of acetone in an open bath is not allowed without an automatic fire extinguisher (sprinkler) installed in the sink.

The sink is available to process 100 mm wafers only, and all tanks are at room temperature. The sink needs to be logged on to use features including DI water, nitrogen gun and ultrasonic controller.