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HIMT MLA150 manual


Heidelberg Instruments MLA150 Maskless Aligner



Booking info:

  • 30 min. slot.
  • Up to 4 wafers per hour
  • Upper limit = 10 slots
  • No configuration required

Billing info:

  • No reservation fees
  • Charged: 6 min. + processing time

Booking upper limit may be adjusted in case of overbooking.
(status Aug. 2017)



Precautions and Warnings

Loading of small wafers/chips: There is a risk of crashing the writehead on the sample if the standard operating procedure is not followed accurately during the loading step. Make sure to call the CMi staff if you are unsure how to proceed!

 Contamination of optics: The MLA150 is sensitive to contamination from the cleanroom air and uses additional filters inside the frame. Double-check that the window bay is closed when leaving the tool!

Table of content: CMI

  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment Description
  3. User Manuals
  4. Links

I. Introduction CMI

The MLA 150 (named DLA in the past) is a new generation Maskless Aligner developed by Heidelberg Instruments GmbH in Germany. This system allows researchers to quickly print a design, without the need to order or produce a mask, by exposing the photoresist with a UV laser (375 or 405 nm) focussed and scanned over the wafer.

The MLA can convert CAD-generated layout of standard file formats (.gds, .cif, .dxf,...), then align (top- and backside) and expose it on a substrate within a few minutes.

The resolution is limited by the photoresist, wavelength and resolving power of the optics (NA, depth of focus), and can reach a minimum of about 1 um with thin PR thickness (< 1 µm).

II. Equipment Description CMI

The MLA 150 is an intuitive tool. Wafer dimensions are automatically detected and the laser is directly focussed at the center of the wafer after loading. Users should set only two parameters:

Please find below the actual tool configuration and specifications:

Tool configuration:

The MLA150 system is equipped with:

Tool specifications:

The MLA150 system offers the following specifications:

N.B. The exposure time may vary depending on the complexity of the design

III. User Manuals CMI

IV. Links CMI