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Suess MA6/BA6 manual


Süss Microtec MA6/BA6 Mask & Wafer Aligner


Precautions and Warnings

The mercury (Hg) high pressure light source is protected from uncontrolled thermal cycling. Power on/off is interlocked with a protection delay timer. Never use emergency off (EMO) button for normal use. Hg lamp powering off is restricted to the CMi staff. Call the CMi staff to reset Hg lamp and equipment.

 Cross-Contamination: Mechanically unstable metal layers (delamination) are not allowed. The photoresist should correctly cover of any wafer topography.

Table of content: CMI

  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment Description
  3. User Manuals
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I. Introduction CMI

The MA6/BA6 is a mask/wafer aligner for research and development, designed to align and expose wafers up to 6 inch (150 mm) diameter. Wafers, coated with photosensitive resists (PR), are exposed through a glass/chrome mask using a short (few seconds) pulse of UV radiation from a mercury (Hg) lamp, with spectral lines at 365nm, 405nm and 436nm. The illumination configuration is broadband (no filter), meaning the three spectral lines are absorbed by the resist.

The parallelism between the wafer and the mask is achieved with au automated procedure of Wedge Error Compensation (WEC). Alignment is achieved with manual micrometer knobs down to a precision of about 0.5 µm. Both top side and backside alignement options are available.

The resolution is limited by light diffraction through the mask opening, and can reach a minimum of about 800 nm with thin PR thickness (< 1 µm).

II. Equipment Description


MA6 is a flexible tool with 2 possible configurations:

MA6 (Mask Aligner)
The default MA6 configuration is a mask to wafer alignement and exposure system. Two alignment modes are available: Top side alignment (TSA) and back side alignment (BSA).

Default illumination setup for exposure: 20 mW/cm2 broadband (integrated).


BA6 (Bond Aligner)
The alternative BA6 configuration is used to align two wafers together. Aligned wafers are unloaded from the slide (not recommended), or on the wafer bonding tool (SB6) fixture. More details on the wafer bonding tool can be found here:

Using the BA6 configuration requires a specific training session. Contact the CMi Staff! Users are responsible to switch the tool back to MA6 configuration after using BA6 configuration.

Mask and wafer sizes:

  1. Available wafer chucks:
    • one chuck for 4 inch wafers
    • one chuck for 6 inch wafers
    • one chuck for small wafers/parts
  2. Available mask holders:
    • 7"x7" mask holder, centered, to use with 6 inch wafers
    • 5"x5" mask holder, centered, to use with 4 inch wafers
    • 5"x5" mask holder, adaptable positionning, to use with small wafers/parts

Technical Caracteristics:

III. User Manuals CMI

IV. Links CMI