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Programable Hotplate and Accumulator Plates

Negative Resist and Polymer Thermal Treatment



Accu-Plate consists in a programable hotplate (front center) with segment sequencer temperature controller.





Accu-Plate is a combination of a programmable hotplate and thermal accumulator plate for cross-linking (PEB). A full ramp up cycle for 4 wafers per hour is possible. For thick SU8 layer combination of ramped temperature with plateau at curing temperature followed by controlled slope cooling down are obtained using the older "Suess hotplate" at constant temperature.



Accuplate Hotplate is not protected by a cover. Handle this part only with precaution and provided handler

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Processing of thick negative resist can take a lot of time. Such processing can be tolerated in CMI cleanroom only if user's follow the general recipe concept described bellow

In order to decrease waiting list, book equipments according to the typical process recipe section bellow. Additional limitation are as follow:

Temperature Calibration

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