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Center of MicroNanoTechnology CMi

ACS200Gen3 MicroLithography Cluster 5m


ACS200 Gen3- Photolithography System for Coating and Development

General description

System for automatic cassette to cassette resist processing including adhesion promotor, coating, softbake, developing and special thermal treatments. For more flexibility exposure tool is not included in the cluster system. Multi coater (2 bowls) and multi thermal modules (1 vapor primer, 6 hotplates and 3 cool plates) insure high realibility and high throughput. 7 independant resist lines + 1 modular cartridge system cover the full range of older coater and development cluster available at CMi.

Operator level control

Software Control Panel
  • Keybord and mouse access after login on the Zone PC control Access
  • Sign in for operator level using "Login icon"

    ID: 0000
    PW: 0000

Status light

A light tower is installed at upper right corner:

  • Red blinking = Error is detected, Check alarms with
  • Middle Yellow
    Blinking = Process running
    Continuous= Process finished
  • Lower Green Continuous = Initialization complete, normal state


Processing Sequences
A large library of sequence and recipe is available (list of sequence) covering the full recipe application of Ritetrack and EVG150.
On demand addtional recipes can be added by users in the database after a second training introduction on recipe editing



I/O Cassette door access
Top optical edge detection for alginment and centering of wafers. Semi-transparent wafers are also detected.

Fully transparent wafers are not recommended (large sensitivity to edge defects).



Specific vapor prime module feeded with HMDS
One hotplate module is dedicated to vapor priming. Located at the top of the main TM stack. Individual control of top cover and bottom plate temperature.
HMDS safety system even in case of electrical power cutoff or emergency assume automatically safety purge of the system.

Coater module (two coaters)
100mm and 150mm wafers (all materials possible)

Maximum thickness 900um ?
Co1: right bowl for High-viscosity Resist + 3 standard resist line , solvent Back Side Rinse and Top side EBR or clean. Solvent pre-dispense nozzle.
Co2: rear-leftt bowl for resist in cartridge + 3 standard resist lines. Solvent Back Side Rinse.



Developer module
Two developer available (MIF and Potassium)
Puddle and spray dispense of developers.
2 back side rinse nozzles.
DI water rinse.






Checklist before starting

Reservation rules and booking fee policy

Booking periods of 30 minutes. Make sur to book only for your process. Split coating and development booking (no idle time during your exposure). In case tools is in standby for more than 10 minutes reservations can be withdranw without notice.

Verify media backcolor to green

Prepare wafers

Wafer must be clean on both side
No specific preparation of top surface needed, sequences include dehydration or HMDS primming.

Finish and logout (from CMi CAE)

Take care that all started process flows are fully completed (assigned carriers turn to light yellow color)




Known errors and actions alowed to operaors



Media refill


Call staff.