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Center of MicroNanoTechnology CMi

Packaging - Miscellaneous


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   Süss SB6, vacuum anodic bonder
   Idonus chip to chip anodic bonder
   TPT HB10 Wedge and Ball Bonder

Laser machining - Milling

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   OPTEC LSV3, Excimer laser
   T-Tech QC5000S-E

Dicing - Cutting

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   Disco DAD321, automatic dicing saw
   Plotter Cutter RoboPro CE5000-40-CRP


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   Thermal NanoImprinter EHN-3250, thermal imprint system
   UV NanoImprinter EUN-4200, UV imprint system
   FUJIFILM Dimatix DMP-2831, Ink Jet Deposition System
   Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) system


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   PDMS line
   Dry Film Laminators
   Linear-beam atmospheric plasma system Surfx Atomflo 400L
   Idonus shadow mask aligner
   Neytech Qex - Oven up to 1200°C
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