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Center of MicroNanoTechnology CMi


CMi is an infrastructure of cleanroom and equipment of micro-technology dedicated to education, training and scientific experimentation intended for the users of microtechnology. The personnel of the CMi provides the support to the users.

  1. Descriptionof the cleanroon
  2. Organization of CMi
  3. Work hours
  4. Access into the cleanroom
  5. Access to the equipments - booking
  6. Follow-up of the students in cleanroom by assistants
  7. Use of digital notepads in the cleanroom - pilot study

Description of the cleanroom

The cleanroom is subdivided in technical spaces and working areas of increasing cleanliness class. The room occupies three levels from which only one is accessible to the users. The following figure is a diagrammatic plan of the level containing the equipment gathered in seven zones according to the type of process


The operation of such a cleanroom resorts to a heavy infrastructure making it possible to ensure the optimal conditions for the air (filtration, temperature, moisture, pressure), water, the supply and the treatment of the rejections of chemicals (solid, liquid, gas), the safety of the users.

Other equipements are available out of the cleanroom like dicing saw, Focus Ion Beam and parylene coating machine.

Organization of CMi

The coordination of work is carried out in the daily meetings (at 8:30 am each day). The questions and suggestions of the users will be treated with this occasion:

Work hours

Technical support and safety are ensured by CMi staff in the following way:

Acces into the cleanroom

Control and the maintenance of a cleanroom require the permanent support of a specialized team, but request also a direction of the responsibilities and a rigorous discipline on the part of the users. A limited and controlled access in the cleanroom is obtained in the following way:

Access to the equipments - booking

Follow-up of the students in cleanroom by assistants

Use of digital notepads in the cleanroom - pilot study