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Center of MicroNanoTechnology CMi


CMi level +1 cleanroom is now accessible to users. Most of it is already operational while the rest is being continuously installed with new equipment and processes. Information given in this page is aimed at listing essential points to correctly access and safely use these new facilities.

  1. Presentation
  2. Organization - Rules
  3. Access to CMi_BM+1
  4. Chemicals
  5. Equipment

I. Presentation

CMi_BM+1 cleanroom provides five additional working areas to the already existing ten accessible on level-1 of BM building. Both levels are linked together via an elevator to expand the working area as a whole. Working bays are separated according to their type of process and cleanliness class, as shown by the following figure.


See stock/delivery points HERE

II. Organization - Rules

Users access, materials transfer and decontamination is done in the same "BM+1 SAS". Only cleanroom paper is to be used and even small items must be decontaminated with IPA. As a general rule, no material enters without CMi staff authorization.

Following points have to be strictly followed in terms of gowning and clothes behaviour:
  • Overalls, boots and glasses must be placed back by CMi Users at the very same place where they were picked up
  • CMi Users must exit by the very same door as the one selected for entering the cleanroom
  • CMi_BM+1 clothes are prohibited in CMi_BM-1
  • CAMIPRO login is required for each person entering the elevator

See gowning regulation HERE

III. Access to CMi_BM+1

Activation of access rights has to be asked to Full access is only given to somebody:

Quick and temporary access to CMi_BM+1 can be given for a one month period to Users who:
Upon completion of the previous points, instructions are given, the project is discussed and CAMIPRO access is activated.

IV. Chemicals

Standard chemicals already available in CMi_BM-1 can be used in CMi_BM+1. In each zone, wet benches and storage cabinets are dedicated for either acids, bases or solvents.

Chemicals DO NOT travel from zones to zones and have to be used ONLY where explicitly labelled.
If additional chemicals need to be used, the following procedure must be stricly followed:

V. Equipment

Use and booking of the scientific equipment is common to the whole CMi cleanroom: