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Krüss DSA-30 Drop Shape Analyser

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Table of content: CMI

  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment Description
  3. User Manuals
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I. Introduction CMI

The Krüss DSA-30 system is a multi-dosing and imaging system used to measure the Contact Angle (CA) of any liquids dropped on a wafer surface (static mode) and calculate the Surface Free Energy (SFE) of the wafer. It is useful mainly in the characterization of the chemical adhesion of liquids on the wafer surface, and the evaluation of the quality of different surface treatments on the wafer.

II. Equipment Description CMI

Main features of the system:

Standard configuration:

Warning: Liquids that react with: Glass, PTFE (Teflon), Polymethylpentene (PMP), Fluorelastomer (FPM), Polyphenylene sulfide, CANNOT be used with the automated syringe.

Operating modes:

Surface free energy (SFE) models:

Several models are available which requires one, two or three liquids with known surface tension properties (check the database). Make sure to read the literature about the limitations of each model. Some details are given in the "theory" manual below. Recommendations:

Notes: The Krüss DSA-30 and DSA4 software are very powerful tools. Some features are not described in the manual. Do not hesitate to discuss with the staff about your experiment and measurement requirements.

III. User Manuals CMI

IV. Links CMI