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Manual Prober Station, Karl Süss PM8

Precautions and Warnings

WARNING!!! Shock Hazard!!! The intermediate BNC connectors, as well as the probe arms are driven to the test voltage (Guard Shield Method) during measurement. For this reason the maximum DC voltage is limited (security interlock closed by default).

attention Precision instrument with fine mechanical movements. Please do not use micro-probe tips for mechanical testing or machining. If you need to change or switch a tungsten tip, contact the CMi staff. Do not try to clean a tip without discussing with the staff.

Table of contents CMI

  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment description
  3. User Manuals
  4. Links

I. Introduction CMI

The Süss Microtec PM8 probe station available at CMi is designed for electrical testing on wafers or chips, with a maximum of 4 independent terminals + additionnal chuck grounding. The chuck is compatible with wafer sizes ranging from 2 inch to 8 inch. A microscope with 3 objectives and digital camera is used to center the probe tips on the contact pads. Three axis movement of the probe tips with the "cascade" manual micro-probes allows soft and precise mechanical contact on the pads.

This probe station is coupled to an AGILENT Semiconductor Parameter Analyser 4155C to perform DC-like characterization of various microelectronic devices under test (resistance, diodes, transistors). The AG4155C includes a PC-based graphical user interface (GUI) called Desktop EasyEXPERT for editing, saving and starting measurement recipes and for archiving and exporting measurement data.

II. Equipment description CMI

Fig. 1.: The base setup includes an Agilent 4155C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer, a configuration switching box and the PM8 probe station (left to right).

PM8 Probe Station:

Parameter Analyser:

Switching box:

III. User Manuals CMI

IV. Links CMI