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ProTEK Protective Stop Layer Manual

General information

The ProTEK B3 primer and protective coating combination may be used for the following applications:

typical Protek application
Example process: front side circuitry coated with Protek, for through-wafer KOH etching to allow access to SiN membranes

Processing steps

Both RC8 machines in Zone 06 are required for the bake steps; reserve both for the same interval. The coating step should be done by the machine in the center of Zone 06. Before starting, set the hotplate temperature of the central RC8 to 205°C, and the second machine to 120°C.

ProTEK B3 Primer:

ProTEK B3 Protective coating:

Note: an excess amount of dispensed coating material may form some spiderweb-like foamy structure around the coater. Remove with a paper wipe if necessary. Acetone may need to be used after multiple coatings to clean up properly. To avoid, make sure to dispense the minimal amount required.

The backside of the wafers may need to be cleaned with a Q-tip and acetone. If not possible, inform staff before proceeding. When finished, check the hotplate and spinner chuck surfaces, and clean as necessary.

Removal of the protective layer

To remove the ProTEK after the process has finished, use the High_Strip_10 min recipe of the Tepla in Zone 02. The oxygen plasma will remove the protective layer, but some particles or a thin layer of polymer residues may remain on the substrate surface.

Next, immerse the samples into the piranha bath in Zone 02 for 10 minutes to remove any leftover residues. Follow with a QDR (Quick dump rinse), then the SRD (Spin rinse dry) or manual dry.

Alternatively, if the sample may not be compatible with pirahna, the Remover 1165 can be used in Zone 02. Placing the sample into the bath for 10 minutes removes all remaining residues. Follow similarly with a QDR (Quick dump rinse), then the SRD (Spin rinse dry) or manual dry.

Storage recommendations


There are one bottle each of the Primer and Coating available, located on the central RC8 spinner in Zone 06 for general use. Please notify staff if levels are low. The brown bottles are labelled with the material name and expiration date.