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Vistec EBPG5000

Vistec EBPG5000

Table of content

  1. Vistec EBPG5000 overview
  2. What is an electron beam (ebeam) lithography system?
  3. Electrons, resists and substrates
  4. Process Flow for Ebeam Lithography
  5. Data conversion
  6. Running the ebeam

The Premium Gaussian Beam Direct Write System

The Vistec EBPG Series proven delivery of 100keV beam energy, high placement accuracy and extensive, easy to use software has led to its "tool of choice" reputation.
The introduction of the latest EBPG5000 system is completed with a coherent roadmap of enhancements to maintain the value of the large user base investments in the product series earlier variants.

Key Features

An Introduction to Electron Beam (ebeam) Lithography at CMI

Electron Beam Lithography (ebl) is now at CMI. We have a Vistec EBPG5000ES which is capable of writing <10nm features and placing structures on a substrate with an accuracy of less than 20nm. Unlike the other tools at CMI the ebl tool will be run, at least in the beginning, in service mode where a few trained operators will run your jobs for you. The reason for this is that ebl is new at CMI and we have a lot of processes and protocols to set up both for different resists and in order to integrate this type of lithography into our standard procedures.

These few web pages are an introduction to ebl and to the processes we will start with at CMI. It isn’t an instruction set for running the machine, when users start to run jobs themselves detailed instruction on how to use the machine will appear. It’s an introduction to what an electron beam lithography system consists of and some of the technical features and terminology used.