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Running The Ebeam

Table of content

  1. Vistec EBPG5000 overview
  2. What is an electron beam (ebeam) lithography system?
  3. Electrons, resists and substrates
  4. Process Flow for Ebeam Lithography
  5. Data conversion
  6. Running the ebeam

Booking rules

Maximum 3 hrs per day per USER between 7AM and 7PM (Mnn-Fri).
Maximum 10 hrs per week per LABORATORY !!! between 7AM and 7PM (Mon-Fri).

Only members of the "colored" labs from table below are allowed to book the "colored" slots more than 1 week in advance (these labs have a priority for these slots). The users from these labs MUST book their "colored" slots first, before they can book anything else (or if they book elsewhere, they must cancel their pre-reserved slots accordingly)!!! They are also responsible to pre-book these slots beyond the 1 week in advance, or risk loosing them.
However, anyone is allowed to book ANY free and available slot within the upcoming 7 days, including unreserved "colored" slots.

Currently there is no restriction on booking during nights and weekend.

ebeam booking timetable
Between brackets this is the referee login user for etch laboratory.
Please see with them for the ebeam usage if you come from these lab.


The ebeam machine is a very complex tool capable of amazing lithographic results. To run the machine requires some effort to understand all the different aspects of the software and hardware and this next section introduces you to the different aspects you'll need to be familiar with in order to run your jobs. Believe it or not I have tried really hard to reduce the amount you have to know to a minimum! The section is split into the following sub-sections

Control computer - introduction to the uses of the different screens on the control computer, your environment and the directories inside it and a brief list of useful basic Linux commands.

Loading and unloading - wafer loading onto the holder, loading the holder into the airlock, venting and pumping the airlock and loading your sample into the main chamber.

Job layout with CJOB - cjob window structure, layout with and without alignment on wafers and piece parts.

Running Jobs - exporting your job from CJOB, running your job from the batch file. (The above image is a zone plate made with a 2 stage alignment process. The image is false coloured.)