Ion beam etching

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   Veeco Nexus IBE350, ion beam etcher, argon source
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Plasma etching

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   Alcatel 601E, dry etcher, fluorine chemistry
   STS Multiplex ICP, dry etcher, chlorine and bromine chemistry
   Alcatel AMS 200 SE, dry etcher, fluorine chemistry
   SPTS APS Dielectric Etcher, dry etcher, fluorine chemistry
   Oxford PRS900, dry etcher, oxygen plasma
   Tepla 300, dry etcher, oxygen plasma
   Tepla GiGAbatch, dry etcher, oxygen plasma
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Grinding / Polishing

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   Steag Mecapol E 460, Chemical Mecanical Polishing (CMP)
   DAG810, automatic surface grinder
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Wet etching

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   UFT Piranha, wet bench, organics/residues stripping
   UFT Resist, wet bench, resist stripping
   Plade Oxide, wet bench, oxide etch
   Plade Metal, wet bench, metal etch
   Plade Six Sigma, wet bench, anisotropic silicon etching (KOH)
   Idonus HF VPE-100, Wet bench, hydrofluoric acid vapor phase etcher
   Coillard and Tousimis Automegasamdri 915B, wet bench, HF release
   Prettl, wet bench, miscellaneous applications
   Prettl, wet bench, porous silicon etching
   Coillard etching, wet bench, oxide and metal etch
   Coillard Photolithography, wet bench, resist strip and develop
   Arias Acid, wet bench
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